Adams Canyon

July 5, 2021

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This Independence Day weekend we got to rappel a wonderful little waterfall. The majority of the 2 mile trail is shaded which makes it a pleasant but steep hike.

We arrived at the falls, geared up, and headed up a cross joint that leads to the top of the falls. It requires a bit of scrambling so the trip leader set up a hand line for easier access.

The first rappel is short but requires the rappeller to go right into the flow. Coupled with the moss it's easy to slip but has low penalty points.

Between the first and last rappel is a little slippery so a hand line can be set up right down canyon using a bolt at the start and end.

Final rappel

The approach and waterfall are short enough that we left the rigging and rappelled it multiple times.

The hike back was pleasant but hot. By the end of the it all I wanted to do was get back in the waterfall. Can't wait to go back here again.

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