Great White Icicle

September 27, 2020

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Last descent of the year came a little earlier than usual because of the surging COVID-19 numbers. Still a fun little trip with good friends.

Looking up at the Great White Icicle from the bottom. The visible section of the waterfall is 400 ft tall

There were three of us this morning and all of us were very competent individuals so the trip was uneventful in terms of challenges but very fun to catch up with these friends.

The crew at the top of the first rappel

The first three rappels are a sequence where a limited number of people can be at each station.

Me on the first rappel
Second rappel

The second and third rappels are quite long and the station between them kind of reminds me of the bird perch in Heaps.

Station between rappels 2 and 3

The third rappel is the longest at just over 200 ft though a 200' rope works with some scrambling at the end.

Rappel 3 - final rappel in the sequence
Looking up at rappels 2 and 3

After the rappels we bagged ropes, warmed up and continued the short distance to the next rappel. There are few places we could rappel from here and this time we chose the higher one.

Rappel 4

The final rappel can be down climbed through the water course. One of us chose to do that and the other two did one final rappel off some bolts down a slab.

Bottom of the cascade enjoying the hike down and out

Once at the bottom, we geared down and hiked back to the bridge where our cars were waiting.

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