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September 7, 2020

Get the map (takes a second to load)

I really like the Super Amazing Canyoneering Map by Bob Allen. I really like the open nature of Ropewiki and the fact that anyone can add a canyon so it gets all sorts of canyons. I don't like that the Super Amazing Canyoneering Map is maintained and updated by one person. I don't like that Ropewiki only displays 100 entries on any region page.

This is my attempt at merging the two.


  • Only canyons in the United States
  • Updated automatically each day
  • Organized by region


  • Has a lot of garbage (because anyone can add anything)
  • Has so many canyons it can bring any computer to its knees. I hide most of them by default
  • Jenky on mobile because you have to tap to show every canyon individually. I'll it eventually.

How to add a canyon

  1. Go to Ropewiki
  2. Log in or create an account
  3. Follow the steps to add a canyon
  4. It will show up on this map tomorrow
  5. If you ask (me on facebook) and I'm at my computer I can update the map immediately

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