Crumbling Canyon

July 24, 2020

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I misjudged this canyon. I figured it was a crappy crack in a rock that someone called a slot canyon. It would be a do-it-once-and-never-again just like so many of the other Wasatch slots. Turns out it's way better than that. It's a solid "meh" canyon good for an after work trip. Also the name "Crumbling" is apt. Every step crumbles as it's weighted and many hand holds do the same.

Comparison to Boundary Canyon

  • Approach - Crumbling is better
  • Technical section length - Crumbling is better
  • Exit - Crumbling is better
  • Down climbs - Crumbling is better
  • Kid friendly - Crumbling is better
  • Length and ease of bushwhacking - Crumbling is better
  • Beauty - Boundary is contemplate the meaning of life beautiful
  • Fun factor - Boundary is a much better day
  • Overall - Boundary is so much better there's no comparison

Anyway, let's take a look at some pictures

Right near the high point
First view of the slot near the first rappel
Top of the first rappel

I heard that all the rappels can be down climbed. I didn't attempt the first rappel but I think it could be done. I did down climb all the others.

Down climbing the final rappel turns it into an R section

We spent a lot of time wandering around, practicing rigging, and taking pictures. Without this the canyon wouldn't have been nearly as fun.

Is it worth doing again? Definitely.

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