October 26, 2018

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Escalante Canyon Rendezvous 2018

The rendezvous kicked off with a trip down full Spencer Canyon. This was a new canyon to me and the last of the main Escalante canyons I needed to descend. The team was Vickie, Preston, Neil, and me. After an introduction and safety briefing, we were off.

Vickie showing us how to do a soft start when rapping off a deadman anchor.

Getting through the AFC section went quickly and we suited up for the mandatory water in the POC section.

Crossroads of AFC, KFC, and POC. One can also enter/exit the canyon from this point.
Pretty much the closest thing to a group shot I got.
The POC section has one rappel right at the beginning. After that it was just cruising through with a bunch of down climbs and swims.
Earlier in the day Rick, the rendezvous organizer, said the water was all clean and clear. Vickie realizes the hard way that this wasn't completely true.
Neil and Preston coming out the narrows
Cool sand in one of the open sections
There were a ton of small Moqui marbles in and around this canyon.

I would love to talk about the other canyons that I did this weekend. Interested in knowing what canyons I did? Go to the next rendezvous and I'll take you there!

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