Rock Canyon

September 22, 2018

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Day 3 of the Zion Canyon Rendezvous I did Rock Canyon while the rest of my group went and did Pine Creek. Shirlz of Imlay Canyon Gear would be guiding/leading the group. I knew my vehicle wouldn't ever be able to make it down the long dirt roads and so I jumped at the chance to meet Shirlz and finally get to see this canyon.

Group shot at the trailhead

After setting up a short shuttle we headed down into the canyon where it slotted up and presented us with our first set of rappels for the day.

Getting ready to go down the first rappel
Fun down climb right after a rappel

I was in the back pulling and stuffing ropes so I didn't get to see that the fourth rappel was rigged short and the first rappeller had to be lowered. Fortunately we rigged all rappels with a contingency rigging system so lowering was simple.

Fourth rappel

After rap 4 we stopped for lunch. That alcove was so beautiful! I didn't even realize it while I was in there because I was so focused on my chips, beans, and salsa. It wasn't until we left and I turned around that I realized what an amazing place I was in.

Rap 4 alcove

After a bit of hiking we arrived at the final rappel where we de-rigged and took this group photo:

At the end of the canyon there are some spectacular petroglyph panels. Even without the technical canyon these panels were worth the trip.

The hiking ended with a brisk climb up the hill and to our awaiting shuttle vehicle. I'm so thankful I went to the rendezvous this year, met some great people, and was able to visit so many wonderful canyons.

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