ACA Guide Leader Aspirant Rendezvous

March 24, 2018


Fun times practicing skills and meeting new aspirants.

Day 1 - Beau Beau

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It rained the entire night and through the morning of the first day. We in Excursions for a while waiting for the storm to clear while Rick showed us how he navigates weather websites and determines what canyon to do on a given day.

The clouds cleared out and we went through Beau Beau. Surprisingly, the canyon was the driest I have ever seen it. There were a few scattered pools and most of us made it through the entire canyon without getting wet.

At the beginning of the canyon we practiced different ways to partner capture.

Practicing partner captures

The finale of partner captures was stacking people and having the top person do a multi-level pyramid capture.

Pyramid capture

We then practiced chimneying and various forms of traversing within the canyon.

Down climbing
Stemming or star-bridging
Chimneying or back-bridge

Day 2

Beau Beau

Not much different from the day before, so only one picture.

While in BB, we came across a little scorpion at the rap

Egypt 1

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We started Egypt 1 by splitting into to two smaller groups. One group rappelled in while the other group down climbed the first rappel. The down climb was exposed but doable - especially with a top-rope belay.

Rappel 1
Hiking through the narrows of E1
Walls are getting taller in Egypt 1

We down climbed many of the rappels using partner captures and teamwork instead of ropes which made for a more enjoyable and efficient experience.

I love the color of the sandstone in the egypts
Posing for a picture

One rappel we slung the rope through a backpack and used the rope as a hand line. As people went down, we added a second backpack for additional counter weight. Much quicker than building a deadman anchor.

Using a packdrag and captures for the last person down
Sacrificing dry shoes to haul packs for everybody
Star bridging over water
Back bridging over water

There was one section of water that could be stemmed, several sections of mud, and lots of fun down climbs to be had.

Egypt 1 drainage and 25 mile wash
Looking down into the canyon on the way out

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