No Kidding

March 3, 2018

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Great sand trap practice in No Kidding Canyon.

No Kidding is such a fun canyon. It is unique among its Irish and Butler Wash neighbors because of its long drops and potholes. Combining this with the fact that there is no natural anchor material outside of sand, it makes for the perfect sand trap canyon. Must be why it's the most famous.

Setting up the first sand trap
Some pre-rappel instruction
Smile for the camera
Gently on rappel

The hours went by efficiently. We had a longer rope so we strung several drops together from one anchor and were able to save time building anchors. If I didn't have Sandthrax in the back of my mind the whole time I would have insisted on rigging more rappels so we could practice building anchors. Oh well, next time.

I'll get around to explaining what is going on here some day
I'll get around to explaining what is going on here some day

We eventually made it to the last rappel which was rigged with a toggle around a shallow horn. With a little mindfulness it was solid for every rappeller. My time as LAPAR came and it held perfectly for me as well. A purposeful pull, pleasing pop, and down came the rigging - and we were out.

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