William's First Rappel

November 11, 2017

William is always asking if he can go canyoneering with me. We finally made it happen.

William geared up to go rappelling

We went to Dry Canyon since it has a good steep approach and many different cliff elevations. We went on a couple of different cliffs and each time at the beginning, he told me he was scared. Upon touching the ground, though, he would ask to go again and would really enjoy it the second time.

William and I on our first rappel together

We rappelled tandem with me controlling the rappel device.

I started the day with him attached via a Purcell Prusik so I could get the length right.

By the end, I had settled on a doubled-up 36" Dyneema sling.

I extended the rappel device using my safety tether, also a Purcell.

Finally, I used a Valdotain Tresse as a below-the-device hands-free backup since I knew I would have to focus a lot of effort guiding my son down.

It was a very fun morning and I can't wait to go with him again.

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