ACA Leader/Guide Rendezvous: Egypt 1

October 15, 2016

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The objective for this canyon was to go down a ways and then ascend back up all the rappels. It made the canyon quite fun as we had to think through all our moves in reverse.

Lots of pictures -

Inspecting and rigging the first rappel. Since this was more about practicing skills rather than exploring, we rigged several different spots, each a different way.

Hiking down canyon
Beautiful Tarantula
Don't look or I'll mess up!

Rappel down one of the drops...

...and ascending back up.

Cody pretended to be stuck and so those who were still at the top had to haul him up.

Some thinking
Some acting
And he's up!
Group shot
Don't forget me!
Moqui steps

Our final obstacle on the way back up was to haul one of our group up over a free hang. With a good number of haulers and favorable geometry, it was an easy task.

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