Dry Canyon Fall Colors

September 25, 2016

Autumn colors were in full force high up in the canyons below Timpanogos.

Combined with the recent snow that had fallen the previous few days, I knew it would be an amazing sight that I couldn’t pass up.

View up canyon from the trailhead
~240' cliff. This is the final gate on the south side of the canyon.
Same cliff – I rappelled this last year with a 200′ and 120′ rope, passing the knot mid rappel
Practicing HDR
Panorama within the trees
Past the gates, there is a field with a large fire pit
Higher up, Utah Valley is now visible
Looking up canyon again. Probably about the half way point
A small stream emerges the higher up I climb
The leaves are getting brighter and brighter
Snow! I was not adequately equipped to hike in snow so I knew my turn around point was soon. Just need to get to that one clearing.
Beautiful! I could have stayed here for hours. I love that the bright red and white contrast each other so well.
Little Baldy saddle in the foreground and Cascade Mountain in the background
Source of the stream on the trail
Broken tree on the trail – broken from the most recent wind storm?
Yet another panorama at the highest gate
Trailhead a couple of hours later

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