Hidden Canyon

September 16, 2016

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After a fun day leading Behunin, we got invited to do Hidden. I was pretty sick at the time and didn't want to do anything too difficult, so Hidden it was.

Hidden is certainly not the most spectacular Zion canyon, but does have some fun down climbs, cave-like rappels, and a great view from the top.

View from the top
Me at the top of the first rappel
Lots of down climbs at the beginning of the technical section

The cave sections are from huge boulders that sluff off the cliffs and get lodged high above the ground. So we down climb to the massive chockstone, rappel through the hole off the up canyon side, walk under the chockstone, and come back out.

Looking up through a rappel hole
Dave on rappel
Me on rappel

Midway through we stopped for lunch. This was the first time I tried chips, beans, and salsa for lunch in a canyon. Absolutely hooked. I highly recommend it.

Lunch time

After a few more rappels we started noticing signs of non-canyoneers, as in someone carved "Not all who wander are lost" into the wall. That was a signal to us that the solitary experience would soon be over.

Done with rappels and hiking out the non-technical section

More travel brought more people and we soon reached Zion Canyon, the paved switchback, and buses. A fine day in a fine canyon with fine canyoneers.

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