Egypt 2

October 23, 2015

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Egypt 2 was my first Escalante canyon. The 270′ entrance rappel provided a great introduction to this spectacular area.

After meeting at Excursions of Escalante in the morning, we separated into groups. We then headed off to the Egypt bench to descend canyons.

The most well known feature of Egypt 2 is its first rappel – 270′ right off the road. A few years ago, it was common to rig the rope directly to your vehicle and do the rappel from there. This is now highly discouraged. Instead, there is a small arch you can use RDC.

Entrance rappel

It was kind of muddy in there.

Despite this, there were plenty of fun down climbs and skinny sections.

Overall, the canyon was a blast and I met some amazing canyoneers that day.

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