ABCAdvanced Base Camp - climbing gear brand manufactured by Liberty Mountain
2 B&H2 Bolts & Hangers - Kelsey term
ACAAmerican Canyoneering Association
ACEAssociation for Canyoneering Education
ANAuthor's Name (name given to a canyon or feature by Steve Allen since it likely has no other name) - Allen term
ARTAnchors, Rigging, Techniques - canyoneering course offered by Canyons and Crags
ATCAir Traffic Controller
ATSAlpine Training Systems
BFRBig Friendly Rock used as a natural anchor. Yes the F stands for friendly.
BFSBig Freaking Silo - canyon in Escalante area
BIABureau of Indian Affairs - Kelsey term
BKBolt Kit (Bolts, Hangers, Wrench & Bit) - Kelsey term
BLMBureau of Land Management
BMRBest Man at Risk - Allen term
CACCoalition of American Canyoneers
CARECapitol Reef National Park
CCCCivilian Conservation Corps
CEConformité Européenne (French for European Conformity)
CEMCañonismo En Mexico (Spanish for Canyoneering in Mexico)
CFSCubic Feet per Second
CGCampgrounds - Kelsey term
CHECKClothing Harness/Helmet Environment Connections Knots
CRITRCanyon Rappel Invented by Todd Rentchler
CRTCanyon Rescue Technician
CSCampsites, Chokestone - Kelsey term
CSTCanyon Specific Technology
CUSACanyoneering USA
D-ringsDescent Rings - Kelsey term
DC/UCDownclimb/Upclimb - Kelsey term
DDIDon't Do It - canyon in Escalante area
DEARDry Efficient Accessible Rope Retrieval
DEARRDry Efficient Accessible Rope Retrieval
DRTDouble Rope Technique
DSDual Sheath - BlueWater Ropes ropes that use technora/polyester for their sheath
EARNESTEqualized Angle Redundant No Extension Solid Timely
EDKEuropean Death Knot
EMSEmergency Medical Systems
F, SSFormation, Sandstone - Kelsey term
G-pickGeologist's Pick - Kelsey term
GCNRAGlen Canyon National Recreation Area
GORPGood Old Raisins and Peanuts. Same as trail mix.
GPSGlobal Positioning System
GSENMGrand Staircase-Escalante National Monument
HCVHigh Clearance Vehicle - Kelsey term
HITRRHole-in-the-Rock Road
HLHand line - Kelsey term
HMSHalbmastwurfsicherung (German for Munter hitch assurance) - kind of carabiner
HWMHigh Water Mark (Lake Powell) - Kelsey term
ICOproInternational Canyoning Organization for Professionals
K&EPKnee & Elbow Pads (aka Armor) - Kelsey term
KE&APKnee, Elbow & Ass Pads - Kelsey term
KPHKeeper Pothole - Kelsey term
LAMARLast Man At Risk - Allen term
LAPARLast Person At Risk - Allen term
LCVLow Clearance Vehicle - Kelsey term
LDCLeft Down Canyon. Also Looking Down Canyon - Allen term.
LEOLaw Enforcement Officer. Same as ranger in the context of canyoneering.
LKALocally Known As - Allen term
LMARLast Man At Risk - Allen term
LMRLast Man at Risk - Allen term
LNTLeave No Trace
LPARLast Person At Risk - Allen term
LUCLeft Up Canyon. Also Looking Up Canyon - Allen term.
MAMechanical Advantage
MBSMinimum Breaking Strength
MIA ExitMutual Improvement Association - Learn about the MIA Exit
MMIMe Myself and I - canyon in Arches National Park
MMOMunter Mule Overhand
mpMile Posts - Kelsey term
NPSNational Park Service
ORVOff Road Vehicle
OWOff Width
P/JPiñon/Juniper Trees or Forest - Kelsey term
PASPersonal Anchor System
PCDProgress Capture Device
PHPothole - Kelsey term
PINTACPain IN The Ass Crack - canyon in Escalante area
PLBPersonal Locator Beacon
PMPPrusik Minding Pulley
PNWPacific Northwest - canyoneering region
PRPack Rope - Kelsey term
R/QD/DCRunner/Quick Draw/Daisy Chain
R2Rappel 2 or Rap 2
RDCRight Down Canyon
RGRappelling Gear (Harness & Rap Device) - Kelsey term
RUCRight Up Canyon
SARSearch And Rescue
SERENESolid Equalized Redundant Efficient No Extension
SGRShit's Gettin' Real - canyon in Moab area
SITLASchool and Institutional Trust Land Administration
SOSSix Ounce Sack - canyon in Escalante area
SQWURELDoesn't stand for anything
SRENESolid Redundant Equalized No Extension
SRTSingle Rope Technique
STEPSafety Tug Equipment Pull
SUWASouthern Utah Wilderness Alliance
T&GToss & Go
TI/NGTrails Illustrated/National Geographic - Kelsey term
TNGToss N Go
UIAAUnion Internationale des Associations d'Alpinisme (French for International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation)
USGSUnited States Geological Survey
VRGVirgin River Gorge - canyoneering region
VTValdotain Tresse
WCCMWest Coast Canyoneering Method
W&R/QLWebbing & Rapide/Quik Link - Kelsey term
YDSYosemite Decimal System
ZACZion Adventure Company
ZNPZion National Park

Kelsey terms are taken from "Technical Slot Canyon Guide to the Colorado Plateau 2nd Edition" by Michael R. Kelsey from the Abbreviations section on page 5.

Allen terms are taken from "Canyoneering 3" by Steve Allen from the Technical Canyoneering section beginning on page 40 and How to Use this Guide beginning on page 49.

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